Board of Directors 2022 -2023


Mark Goldberg – President
Edward Peltier – Vice President
Marian Leist – Secretary
Marshall Soltz – Treasurer

Board Members:

David Hoff
Alexandra Flowers
Alan Goodman
Leslie Ohta

President HARTFORD PROBUS 2022-2023

I live in Avon Connecticut, married for 57 years to my wife, Ellie who has supported all my activities while pursuing her own career as an elementary school teacher and principal. We have two daughters and three granddaughters. I served in the Vietnam conflict as a “Survivor’s Assistance Officer”. I worked with widows of slain soldiers to assure them getting benefits due them, and to make burial arrangements for those lost at war. That sad experience shaped my understanding of “giving of yourself”.

Back home I first joined the New Britain Chapter of PROBUS, where my father had been a founding member. Later, in Windsor, I joined the Greater Hartford chapter of PROBUS., where I served several separate terms as President. I was privileged to also serve terms as President of PROBUS NATIONAL, an organization which at one time had more than a dozen chapters in states on the eastern seaboard. I find this volunteer work very satisfying, because it focuses on improving the quality of life of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (the IDD community).

My career is as a financial advisor with Gateway Financial Partners in Glastonbury. I have made many friends, both at work and in my associations with fellow volunteers at PROBUS. My work on our community programs and interactions at our many planning meetings keeps me active, alert and involved. I may not be “burying dead warriors” as I did as a younger man, but I feel I am still serving my country and its citizens with special needs.


Board Member Hartford Probus 2022-2023
I joined Probus Greater Hartford in 1998. I liked the mission of the organization and the camaraderie of its members. In my work as a neurologist—now retired—I was aware of the needs of the IDD population not only for medical care but also for social interaction.

I am a past President of Hartford Probus. Over the years I have seen the organization grow and become more diverse and expand its outreach. As a Board member I continue to support the organization and the IDD community.

Alexandra Flowers

Board Member HARTFORD PROBUS 2022-2023

Leslie C. Ohta is a resident of Glastonbury, who joined PROBUS in 2021, and is serving her first term on the Board of Directors. Leslie has two children and five grandchildren Her involvement with PROBUS was prompted by several meetings with members of our Board who had joined Webinar conversations offered by the Glastonbury MLK Community Initiative concerned with inclusiveness, racism and other social justice issues. These interests have spanned her entire career.

Leslie taught Chemistry and Physics in the Philippines for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. then lived in Japan for five years where she taught English and worked as a copy editor. Upon returning to the U.S. she attended law school , did a clerkship and worked as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice for 30 years. She spent the last year before retirement as a Federal Prosecutor in Iraq. Her volunteer work has taken her to Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Bosnia and the Czech republic as well as Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The thread connecting these employments is her deep interest in social justice issues. That is how she has come to serve on the Boards of a number of non-profit organizations including the Glastonbury MLK Community Initiative, Glastonbury ABC House and the Scheff Movement Coalition. She is looking forward to working at PROBUS with individuals sharing her passionate perspective, and values.